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As I’m getting older I’m realizing my body isn’t made for the clothes I used to wear anymore. It’s getting harder to shop for clothes that actually fit and look flattering on. So, when I started working with Ann Taylor and got to try out a bunch of their pieces, I realized these are the clothes that are made for women! I saw how good they looked on and how AMAZING they made me feel and I knew I had to share. It’s crazy how confident you feel in clothes that were actually made for your body, like how awesome of a feeling is it to be able to SIZE DOWN in something instead of sizing up?!

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One of the most common requests I get from you guys are everyday basics that are office friendly, yet still can be worn on weekends or out with friends and that versatility is another thing I love about Ann Taylor.

In terms of refreshing my closet for a change in season, I like to buy both versatile basics + more unique, statement pieces. What I’m loving about Ann Taylor, besides the sizing, is the versatility of styles they make.

You can find anything from a pair of basic black boots, to a comfortable, yet compliment-worthy work look, to a sweater or basic tee for dressing up a more dressed-down, denim look.

Here are X outfits that can be worn to the office, and easily transitioned to after-work/weekend attire.

(scroll down for a curated boutique of all my fave fall finds from Ann Taylor)

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To make YOUR life just a little easier, I’ve already gone through the site and curated a mini boutique of my FAVORITE dresses, coats, shoes & more from Ann Taylor. Not to brag, but I think I found some REALLY great stuff, if I do say so myself.

ALSO, Ann Taylor has 15% off everything right now using code _.