New York Fashion Week is full of fashion; from runway trends to street style trends, every season has something new in store. This season, a heel hack is taking over the streets. Everyone is wearing ankle strap heels over their pant legs. Every show I go to I’m seeing someone that’s making me question if it’s really a whacky trend, or maybe I’m just not hip to it.

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I’m beginning to feel like Emily + Kylie are the cool girls in school (Who am I kidding, they always have been), and we’re all just trying to keep up. Honestly, I feel like if they wore a trash bag and made it cute, then half the world would too, it’s just how our society is. Regardless of how you feel about it, this trend is making an appearance this season. See some of my favorite street style looks featuring this trend, and keep reading for tips on how to master the hack straight from the streets of NYFW. You can pull it off whether your shoes have buckles or strappy ties, and any slacks that are extra long or fall too far to the floor are fair game!


This trend looks best when you use a strappy kitten heel or sandal tied over the pants, just over the ankle, but can definitely be worn with a strappy block heel also.


  • On the shorter side? Opt for leather pants + Leather sandals or heels to elongate your legs.

  • Pair a strappy block heel with a jumpsuit for a trendy accent.

  • Contrast bright colored trousers with a strappy sandal or heel.

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