This is probably one of my most heavily awaited posts! You guys have been asking me nonstop to see more of my apartment and decor in the city since I moved in in January, and I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to show you guys around!

Ever since Brandy (my sister- for those who don’t know) and I moved in its been a piece by piece process thats finally coming together. This post covers the living room, dining room, kitchen (which you saw in the video are all one) and my bedroom & bathroom as well!

My last place a was a tiny junior-one bedroom studio (which basically meant it was a one bedroom without a bedroom door, so it was technically still a studio). It was on the other side of Hudson Yards in a similar building, but I have never lived this high up before. There’s nothing like looking out at a beautiful view of the city or the Hudson when I’m working from home. Plus, our building amenities make it feel so much more like home. If you follow me on instagram, you probably remember me taking you guys through our hunt when Brandy first found out she was moving to the city. We looked at so many different apartments (🤯) but finally landed on this spot and couldn’t be happier with it. Our building sits on the west side, in between Hudson Yards and Hells Kitchen, so we are super close to a bunch of shops and dinning and even time square and broadway, yet also still have amazing water views and SO MUCH sunshine, which was something we really wanted.

Most of the furniture (except for my bedroom set, and the dinning set) came from my old studio. I was doing a sublease but ended up taking over the lease and worked it out so I could keep the furniture and take it with me to my new place since the previous owner didn’t need it anymore. It worked out super nice and the furniture was all brand new from Ikea when I moved into my old place.


One of the top questions I get asked is if we worked with an interior decorator, and the answer may shock you. NOPE. I designed everything myself, with Brandys help of course. Our kitchen, dining room, and living room are all connected in one square space (NYC life!), so we definitely wanted a way to separate and break up the rooms, yet still keep it as open and airy as possible.

Our building has a super cool program for select residents where you can actually choose from two different finishes in the apartment (counters, floors, walls, etc). We ended up going with the lighter color scheme for the finishes, which actually gave us upgraded appliances as well. To balance out the finishes with the furniture I already had, we went with a light blue/steel grey for the living room wall, and did a lighter version of that as accent walls in the two bedrooms.



I love a clean, modern and sophisticated look and wanted to tie in aspects of home and the beach. All of the photos on the walls around the apartment were actually shot by Brandy in places that are special to us (Naples, Fl , Jamaica and Caliornia) and we got them blown up from Shutterfly so its super comforting to look up and see them hanging on the wall.


I partnered with The Rug Truck and they graciously gifted me this amazing Novogratz rug which i’m so obsessed with. I chose the boho dots blue area rug and it matches the apartment perfectly. The tannish color in the rug actually matches the kitchen finishes perfectly! It really helped separate the living room from the dinning room and gave it a pop which I love. One of the things I love about The Rug Truck is their trendy selection of cute AND affordable rugs that are from top of the line brands. We’ve partnered to give you and some of your friends the Novogratz mat of your choice, so be sure to enter! Here are a few of my other fave rug’s they have:








The dining area is where we eat and work during the day when were not at the kitchen counter. i love this marble dining table with silver legs. It’s sophisticated and functional and can seat up to 4 people (probably 6 if we had some more stools LOL but we have 2 bar stools at the counter so we don’t really need it).. We chose 4 dining chairs in grey because I thought it would match better, but had the option to choose/mix and match navy and grey. We used our REAL Majesty palm from Bloomscape to help hide out the big column in the corner, and we added a calathea palm to brighten up the corner (you’ll see it by the tv)!

One of the things we really wanted was to bring the beach and especially greenery inside because the apartment was SUPER white when we first moved in. I partnered with Bloomscape and they made it SO easy. All we had to do was head online and pick out which plants we wanted to order. They worry about packaging and transportation so it literally just shows up at your door for you to unbox. They send it along with super easy caring instructions for those whose thumbs aren’t so green, (don’t worry they have plants that are super hard to kill too!!).


The bar cart is in the corner of the dinning room, next to the kitchen, nestled next to our full length mirror.  There was a pretty big need for something in that corner, plus it had really great lighting. So we decided on this affordable bar cart + full length mirror setup.



One of the things I love about the kitchen is the island and how it opens up to the living room and our amazing view. It’s so nice to have in the kitchen because it’s where everyone congregates when we have people over. I am a huge fan of the light finishes, and especially the upgraded appliances like our fridge and double freezer! We love how clean and minimal the kitchen design is (minus the fact that white counters are impossible to keep clean and scratch free if you actually use your kitchen). The dishwasher and fridge are the same finish as the cabinets which we love for aesthetic purposes hahaha.



I love the look of a mirror above a console table especially in the entryway. This is the perfect place for a last minute mirror check, perfume spritz and a catch all to hold our keys.. I’m also obsessed with the runners we chose, they’re the perfect neutral pattern to lead you into the apartment and helps make our little entry hallway so much more welcoming.




I really wanted a clean and cozy, yet beachy vibe for my room. The room is a mix of neutral colors, greenery and cozy accents. The upholstered bed frame is one of my favorite pieces in the entire apartment. I love how high the headboard goes on the wall and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect neutral tone. I chose bright white bedding from Bedsure so the bed frame would stand out. The clean, crisp linen duvet cover, grey stonewashed blanket, bio foam memory pillow from Bedsure, and gold finishes bring a luxe element into the room. Not to mention the ____ from Bloomscape help tie in those beachy aspects and make it feel less white. Plants and greenery are one of my favorite ways to make a room feel more inviting and comfortable but still really design forward.

Two of my favorite pieces for this room are the sunglasses holder (from amazon) and the ceramic phone charging station from Uncommon Goods. Make sure to check them out for finishing touches on decor!

This dresser was one of the first pieces I bought for the room. It was actually super easy to put together and holds a ton. It’s the perfect base for my little set up, plus it adds so much sweater storage which i desperately needed.


My bathroom is one of my favorite spots in the apartment (as weird as that sounds). I love how beachy and serene it is, it almost feels super tropical. One of the walls and my shower is floor to ceiling tile which was a great decorative touch. I finished it off by bringing in some greenery from Bloomscape, and adding a few photo’s from California and this random beach scene set which was actually perfect! One of my favorite things I used to help me get organized is this convenient hair tool holder which makes storing my hair stuff so much more efficient and cute. I used to throw my hair tools in my cabinet underneath my sink in the back which made it impossible to reach. Uncommon Goods sent me this cute little holder which easily mounts on your wall and takes the hassle out of finding places to store your tools while not in use.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my New York City apartment. I also wanted to give a huge thank you to the amazing brand partners who worked with me on this post and gifted me product to include in my apartment. If you have any questions about the pieces send me an email, comment on this IG post, or send me a message on Instagram!