Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior rushing a sorority for the first time, this experience is bound to come with nerves. One thing to remember is that regardless of your age, there are so many girls that are as excited as you are, waiting to meet you find out just how great you are! Throughout the long days of speaking to different girls and figuring out just where you see yourself thriving, one of my interns Lexie has got some crucial tips to keep in mind to make sure you have the best experience possible!

1. Eat a nutritious meal before arrival and bring snacks!

I never knew how exhausting chatting could be. After visiting my third sorority house out of ten, I was in serious need of an energy boost. A few sips of Gatorade and a protein bar did the trick! Your favorite house of the day could be the last house that you visit, therefore keeping the energy is important.

2. Plan outfits out ahead of time

It is safe to assume that most girls will be running to the closest stores to find last minute outfits. Avoid having the same outfit as somebody by wearing clothing items purchased from your home-town or from a previous season. Standing out for originality is important.

3. Be bold, be you!

Wear the outfit that makes you feel confident. Do not be afraid to break the cutting edge of fashion by wearing an outfit that might be a little bit different than everyone else. It is never a bad thing to stand out for being you!

4. Comfort is key

There is a 99% chance that you will be standing and/or walking during the entirety of recruitment. Wear shoes that are reasonable in comfort to avoid blisters and ankle-rolling. I strongly do not recommend wearing shoes for the first time, or wearing heels that you have a chance of falling in.

5. Always smile

Happy girls are the prettiest! Your cheeks may be sore by the end of the day, but never let that smile fall. The girls inside each house are excited to meet you, it is important to relay that excitement right back.

6. Have an open mind

Begin each day with an open mind, giving each sorority a chance to win you over. Try and leave everything you’ve heard about that sorority at the door, and walk into each house with an open mind. We all have our favorites, and the houses we see our selves in the most, but a lot of times those first impressions aren’t everything so its important to have an open mind and give every house a chance so you end up in the one that’s truly right for you.

7. Do not talk to friends about likes/dislikes

You may be completely unaware, but friends can sway your decision unknowingly. It is best to speak with your Rho and family about how you feel about each sorority. What your best-friend may love, may not be where you will fit best.

8. Take notes

After traveling from house to house, experiences will begin to run together. Avoid the trouble of forgetting which houses you liked and disliked by jotting down a few notes after each round. This will help when it comes to decision making time.

9. Stay hydrated and rested

Losing your voice and feeling sick are common during this process. Your body will be exhausted and this is normal. Hydrating non-stop and getting a reasonable amount of sleep every night are crucial. Love on your body a little extra during this time to feel your best throughout the entire process.


The most important tip is to have fun with the process. Take this time to not only find your future home, but also find yourself! The entirety of the process can be stressful if you continue to place pressure on yourself. Let loose and be yourself. Enjoy the process.

More about Lexi’s Experience:

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 9.05.57 AM.png

My name is Lexie VanKirk, and I rushed at James Madison University as a junior. I went into the process as one of 10 juniors out of the 1100 girls total. I did not have any friends going through the rushing process which made me anxious upon my arrival on the first day. While groups of girls walked into together with smiles on their faces, I was alone and just trying to get through the day. I felt sick as I stood in line at my first sorority house surrounded by beautiful girls at all sides. After a few deep breaths and a phone call to my big sister, I found the courage that I needed to start my day. I am quiet to strangers, and a handful of personality once I feel comfortable in my surroundings. Knowing that I was going to have to come out of my shell to complete strangers gave me anxiety. While fashion has always been an outlet for me to express the bold person that I am inside, I used this to feel confident. Instead of wearing jean shorts to match the T-shirt that we were required to wear on the first two days like most girls did, I wore black and white striped vintage pants with a chain belt. On the second day, I made a belt out of old fabric and put festival rings into my French braids. I did these things knowing that if I ever felt quiet, my outfit would speak for me. This was my best decision throughout the process. While being bold is important, being yourself is even more important. You do not have to change who you are to make friends and find your fit, the right house for you, will love you for who you are!