Hey Guys, it’s been a minute.  Life has been crazy lately and I needed to step away from the blog for the sake of my own sanity. As much as I love Instagram and blogging, the purpose of this whole blog thing was to help me express myself, it was a place for my creative side to shine. But lately, I haven't felt very creative and I haven't felt like I was shinning.

To simply put it, I've been feeling uninspired.  I found myself constantly comparing myself to others and questioning certain life decisions. Why did she get that opportunity and I didn’t? Does that mean he/she is better than me? Am I trying to be something I’m not? 

I was letting blog projects back up and dreaded working with clients because I felt like every next email would be someone telling me they were disappointed in me or wondering what the delay in work was.  I wasn’t able to put my all into things I used to love doing because I didn’t feel like my all was good enough. I naively kept going until I was burnt out and just didn’t want to do anything anymore. I knew something had to change or I was going to full-on spiral into depression.


Sooo I decided blogging and Instagram would take a back seat until I put myself back together (coincidentally, some biggg life news happened around then-keep reading- so I figured it was the perfect time to just be low key and refocus my priorities). Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being able to express myself and be creative, but I had lost my inspiration and drive and everything felt like a competition that I was never going to win.  I wasn't excited about anything anymore and it sucked to feel that way. I knew I needed to refocus my energies because there was and is so much to be grateful for, even when it doesn't feel like it.

So I've been going "back to the basics" (as they say) these last couple weeks. I've been spending time with family and friends that truly mean the world to me. Their support and just all around good vibes reminds me that even when it doesn't feel like it, I always have people rooting for me that genuinely love and support me. 

 I know three weeks doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you’re coming up with content on a daily basis, 20 days without creating feels like a lifetime.

So here’s what’s new :

•WERE MOVING!!! Before everybody jumps to conclusions, We are still going to be a MD resident, and I still have my apartment in NYC. My mom is just permanently relocating to Ocean City (where we've basically been living the past 5 years anyway). I am BEYOND excited for this next chapter and CANNOT wait to finally live on the water. Things happened quick, like really quick so It's taken me a bit to actually wrap my head around the fact that we're moving from the first and only place my family has ever lived. We're starting the moving process this week (i told you its happening fast LOL) so there will be tons more about this move coming soon so stay tuned!

  • I’m still doing influencer marketing, just limiting my workload. I love getting to work with brands and connect them with influencers and I love the freedom working for myself gives me, especially with the move coming up. One thing I decided was that I needed more me time (At one point I had 9 clients at once and was working over 10-12 hour days daily), So I cut back on clients and am limiting my workload for the summer so I can focus on me and enjoy my time, the way I want to.

Thank you guys for reading + thank you so much for choosing to follow me. Your support and encouragement mean THE WORLD to me and I'm always here to chat if anybody else ever feels a little lost or alone. Life is tough and it can be really hard sometimes, but I never want anyone to feel like they're not strong enough to handle it or have to handle it alone.

XX Bee