Coachella has come and gone, which means festival season is officially upon us. I've never been super into festivals, but as I'm getting older that's changing a bit. I'm definitely am all for getting together with my friends, especially when drinks are involved LOL. 

Sooo to bring you guys more festival content, I'm kicking it off with festival hair inspiration. I partnered with SexyHair ( save 15% off your entire purchase now till May 15th) over on my instagram to show you guys how to use this fun hair glitter, perfect for festivals + even sporting events!

This look I did was SUPER easy. I am literally like so not capable of doing my own hair it's not even funny. All I did was part my hair in the middle and then twist my hair back on each side. I started at the very root of my hair in the front and twisted my way back (using bobby pins to hold when my arms needed a break HAHA). I topped it off with two "space buns" (they're just really messy buns) and then added the glitter to my twist and roots! Super simple!

The glitter was really easy to apply (it has an awesome brush applicator) and washed out pretty easily too (I did have some leftover glitter for a few days but it wasn't anywhere near what i was worried about!)

If you're looking for more inspo check out these other simple + easy to use hairstyles below and be sure to check out the limited edition Root Glitter from Sexy Hair the next time you're planning to go to a festival or rave + see what else Sexy Hair has to offer.