We've heard it a million times, Great things never come from comfort zones. And you know what else comes when you step outside that comfort zone? Fear...anxiety...self-doubt and the overwhelming possibility of failure. But with all these things, the endless possibilities of what could happen outweighs them all. Taking a risk is no doubetdly uncomfortable and scary, and sometimes you're gonna make mistakes and embarrass the heck out of yourself. But theres nothing scarier than staying in the same place, and wondering what could happen. 


Whether you're changing your major, graduating college and are unsure of this chapter to come,  planning a new business venture, ending a bad relationship, or quitting your job, the first step is ALWAYS the hardest part. Chances are you've been planning on making changes for months or at least wondering what if, and I'm here to remind you that theres no time like the present to make your goals and dreams happen. 


With instagram's "perfection" we tend to always just see the end result. We assume that our favorite blogger's woke up that flawless, and didn't pinterest-plan out that entire photoshoot in order to capture that one perfect shot. We sometimes assume it just happens for successful people; that they just got lucky or caught a break. We constantly compare and worry about working hard for something that were unsure where it will lead. What if this is the wrong decision? What if I'm trying to be something I'm not? What If people talk behind my back? What I won't make friends? What if, What, What if...


These thoughts enter my mind probably on a daily basis, with everything from blogging, to my freelancing, to some of my personal decisions. I know there are always going to be people who don't like me, who mis-understand me and who judge me and what I do. I know there are a million and one chances that I may fail and embarrass myself. But its worth it to me. I'm tired of playing it safe and wondering what could happen just because I'm unsure and scared.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when venturing outside your comfort zone:

1. Think about what you want to accomplish and make a list of realist goals to help you get there.

2. Ignore your negative thoughts and other people’s opinions. Be positive, be your own cheerleader, and find a good support system. (I'm always here rooting for you!)

3. Don't just sit around waiting for things to happen, make them happen.

It's important that we push ourselves outside our comfort zones and constantly try new things. It helps us grow into better people and explore our potential. It helps us to experience situations that may not have otherwise happened, if we played it safe. Just remember, you'll never know what's out there for you unless you're willing to go find it. The worst thing that can happen is that you fail, learn from it, chalk it up to a valuable experience and move on. Bigger + better things are waiting for you my dear! What are some of the scariest risks you’ve taken in the past? Was it worth it?