As I’m sure you're aware, International Women’s Day was this past Thursday. I don't particularly consider myself extremely vocal or opinionated about topics like this, but that doesn't mean I’m any less passionate. Women's rights are extremely important and the fact that women are still having to deal with mistreatment and double standards, simply because of our gender, is just wrong. As Im getting older, I’m coming face to face with these injustices and realizing their impacts more and more.

It was comforting to see how many people, especially how many men, celebrated and supported Women, not only throughout the day on Thursday, but so far this Month. 

I was extremely excited to spend Thursday evening with Kombrewcha and a bunch of my girl friends for an inspiring night full of boss ladies. In honor of Women’s History Month, primarily women based, Kombrewcha joined forces with female owned and operated business owners to celebrate their #girlboss -ness, while helping to give back and pave the way for others. 

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The event was hosted at The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, an adorable space with a unique  rustic charm, that you really won’t find anywhere else in the city (or at least that I’ve been to).  Kombrewcha had a bunch of fun activations including a customization station with Unemployed Denim where you could create a one of a kind denim piece, showcasing our girl-power. They also had a photo booth with a super cool intention wall, where you could write your own intention for women and supporting their ambitions in 2018. For every drink that was posted to the ‘gram they donated $1 to Catalyst (the foundation behind IWD). 100% of ticket sales were also donated to Catalyst to help give back.



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The best part of the night was getting to listen to the panel of kick-ass women talk about their journeys into entrepreneurship and some of the challenges and rockstar moments they faced, as women. It was super empowering and motivational to be able to relate to such amazing and talented women. It was a great reminder of how awesome women really are and how important it is to help lift each other up and help each other achieve greatness, instead of tearing each other down. Super thankful to have been a part of it, especially with my friends.


There’s still time to support! Throughout this entire month of March, for every Royal Ginger Kombrewcha sold at participating NYC venues listed below, Kombrewcha will donate $1 to Catalyst, so more women will have the opportunity to make history! No matter where you live, be sure to celebrate support your local girl gang and any amazing #girlbosses you know!