NYFW F/W 2018

 Over the last week, socialites, fashion brands, bloggers and fashionista's alike, flocked to NYC to gather around Chelsea and the Meatpacking district for a stylish biannual extravaganza we call fashion week. The last week and half have been a whirlwind of craziness, from prepping my schedule and outfits  to attending back to back shows. If you've been following me for a while now you probably already know this is my third season of NYFW. When I moved to the city a year I go I attended my first fashion week and have been hooked ever since.


The week is like nothing else; for me, its more exciting than Christmas. Knowing my favorite bloggers and celebrities all roam the same streets I live and walk on is so exciting. Attending shows and eing able to see the designers hardwork come together is absolutely amazing. It's an incredible feeling to sit and watch the doors shut and know you're one of less than 400 people (sometimes less) who get to see this collection before anyone else. It truly is a remarkable feeling and has definitely brought a tear to my eye once or twice. But Fashion week isn't all glitz and glam like people think. Check out my post from last season about what it's really like at fashion week for a smaller blogger to find out more. It's an exhausting week with long days filled with back to back shows that aren't even close to each other. There's a ton of running around in five inch heels and even more standing and waiting in line, but I wouldn't trade being able to experience this week for anything.