Six weeks ago I packed up my weekend bag for a long weekend at home to celebrate halloween with one of my best friends from college, not knowing that our weekend would be cut short and I’d be spending more time in Florida the next month than I would be in NY.

I run a pretty public platform where I want to be as transparent as I can – not because I want you to know every detail of my life, but because I believe in the power of sharing and connecting with you guys over the real things going on in our lives – the struggles, failures, disappointments, and not so photogenic moments.

What is the point of this? That no matter how hard you try to plan out your life and the things that should happen it, sometimes life has other plans.

This last month has taught me so much about life, faith and family. Now more than ever, I’m reminded that nothing is a coincidence. There’s a plan for our lives, much bigger than any plan we have for our own.

The people you need in your life – and the people who need you – are perfectly placed along the way and The things you’re going through are meant to happen to make you the person you’re supposed to be.

I got to thinking about perfectly timed events in my life, especially recently. Like the unexpected passing of my grandma this last month and getting to be there for her because of the flexibility of my work, or my grandpa being taken OFF hospice shortly after, and less than 4 weeks after he was put on it.

Throughout my life I can look and back on significant events that I can now recognize happened for a reason, like a heartbreak that finally forced me to make the move to New York. And opportunities that I whole heartedly believed in, but didn't pan out the way “they should have” because it allowed for something better to come along.

So just remember, everything happens for a reason (good and bad) and although you may not see it now, theres something bigger to come from this.