If you follow along on my insta stories you probably saw my closet purge the other day and my new shoe shelf as part of my organization kick lately. Living in such a tiny space in NY, I go through my closet basically every season to make room for new stuff. This go around, I got rid of a ton of things I’ve been holding onto since my Salisbury days, so I’m pretty happy to have some room in my closet (barely). No matter how often you clean out your closet, these tips will come in handy when you do decide to give yourself a little refresh! You’ll be surprised how much you have hiding in your closet that you don’t actually wear.

  1. Separate your closet into sections. Go section by section and pull out each item individually. Ask yourself, “Would I buy this if I was shopping right now?” “Is this a current trend or something I wear on the regular?” “Does it fit and Can I style it?”. If the answer is No to either of those questions, put it in a separate pile for donate/sell. If you haven’t worn it over 6 months, i highly recommend pulling it; you’re probably not going to wear it again.

  2. This brings me to my next tip, make sure you keep things organized. It’s gonna get MESSY when you clean out your closet, but having a place or pile to put everything will help you in the long run. Make 3 piles, Store, Give Away & Toss. Use these categories as labels on bins, large plastic bags or clothing piles - whatever works for you and put the clothes in there accordingly.

  3. Once you’ve decluttered what you’re not going to wear anymore, its time to make some sense of what you already have. Organization is key in any closet. I’m a huge fan of separating items by style, so I hang all my dresses together, pants are together, skirts are together, sweaters are folded together and my tee’s are hung by either long sleeve or short sleeve. Shoe shelves are MY BIGGEST tip for making sense of the crazziness that is shoes. They making things look super organized and put together and are super easy to put together (and affordable). This helps you to visually be able to see what you have so you’re not forgetting about that pair of jeans you had shoved in the back of your closet and forgot about until just now


It’s time to dig deep + make some room for some new goodies, or some cash in your wallet if you choose to sell your items at a place like Platos Closet, Uptown Cheapskate or Buffalo Exchange. Other places to sell clothes include Poshmark and Vinted, or you can swap with your friends/earn diamonds on the Trench app. Whatever I don’t sell, I always donate (Goodwill, salvation army, check with your local churches for clothing donations) because clothes NEVER need to end up in the landfills.

***However, if during your purge you find some items to be too stained, torn or simply falling to pieces, consider a clothing recycling program instead of throwing them in the trash. Landfill waste is an ugly reality, but there are ways to 'go green' at home. Fill out this form to search for a recycling center in your area or check out this site to find a drop-off bin. 

* Ask yourself, if I wouldn't wear these pieces in such bad condition, would anyone else? If the answer is no, recycle it.*  ****