The last couple months of 2017 should have been full of celebrations and feeling accomplished, considering I FINALLY graduated college (with a 3.8 GPA Which I’m incredibly proud of) and landed an AMAZING work from home digital marketing gig which allows me to still pursue my blog and brand partnerships, something that is a goal of mine.

However, these last months were a little rough for me and I found myself not celebrating or being as proud of myself as I should have been. Instead I found myself working harder and harder to get to this place that I thought I had to be in order to celebrate myself and my accomplishments.

I’ve always felt the pressure to “be the best person I can be” and “do better”, especially from my family and peer’s (thank you social media).  This kind of pressure is great for motivating and making you get focused, but where’s the “don’t forget to celebrate all your accomplishments” and “look back and see how far you’ve come”?

Society has taught us all to believe and to think that we need to “keep up with the Jones’” and constantly one up ourselves and everyone else in order to “do better”. We are trained to embrace the busy with every fiber of our being, and submerse ourselves in it. We are led to believe constantly hustling is the only way to happiness, and that burnout is just the price we have to pay for anything resembling success (and everything we aspire for). We are forced to believe that we just have to get on with it and live with it. I reject that. The only thing this is going to make us “do” is to become burnt-out, depressed and forget who we are and why we started in the first place.


I look back over the last 3 months since graduation and realize I’ve been so busy trying to do things that prove to my grandparents and everyone else that I’m actually doing something with my time that they can be proud of and so busy trying to one up myself that I haven’t even sent out graduation announcements. Something so simple, and so exciting for most people, I’ve been putting off doing, because I started to believe I wasn’t at a point that I could celebrate it.

HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Here I am, graduated college with honors, living in the city of all cities, NY, with half my time being spent on this amazing job that allows me to work from anywhere (including my pajamas) and still allows me the time to build my dream, and I didn’t feel like that was something to celebrate?!

(Purposely) Forgetting to send out grad announcements isn’t the only effect of my “hustle” lately.  I’ve been constantly pushing and pushing myself to do more and I just felt burnt-out. Constantly being around technology was making my head hurt, all the time. I was feeling disconnected from the real world and my friends. I started having emotional meltdowns, yet ignored all these signs until I realized I couldn’t anymore. My passion just wasn’t there anymore. I didn’t feel inspired and I honestly started to question what I’m even doing (still do sometimes, but this is life and nobody knows what the heck they’re doing). I realized I just needed a break. From blogging. From family. From social media. From society. From all the pressure’s I was feeling, I just needed to step back and find myself again and remember why I started.


So, I just stopped posting for a little while. I still checked Insta (it’s part of my job) and I still posted Insta stories and snapchat, but I limited my “scrolling time”. I caught myself when I would start to scroll down my timeline because I didn’t want to be submerged into that comparison culture. I just needed a break from the content creation and feeling like someone’s else’s life is better because of what they post on social. INSTA TRULY IS A HIGHLIGHT REEL.  No one’s life is as perfect as it seems. Everyone has their bad days whether they share it or not and reminding yourself that there’s more to someone’s life than what you see is an important thing to keep in mind when it comes to social media.


This break made me realize that I need to look after myself and my sanity, including giving myself time to celebrate me and stop feeling like I’m not good enough to be celebrated. Why should I have to prove my worth to anyone other than me? I know what I am capable of and I know that I’m living the best life for me, right now. I refuse to participate in a culture or society that bleeds me dry of my energy and motivation, just to make me feel like my accomplishments aren’t enough, like I’m not enough. The same goes for every aspect of life. Your worth does not decrease based on somebody's inability to see it. Our lives are our lives for a reason. We are the ones having to make and live with our decisions, and we should feel happy and celebrate when we make decisions and good things happen, no matter how big or small they are. Never give anyone the power to make you sacrifice your happiness and your well being (not just physical, but mental to), because without our health and happiness, we have nothing.