If you guys read my New Year, New Goals post than you know all about my new years resolutions to work on myself and better my habits this year. 

Im learning that Goal setting is such an important part of living an intentional, directed life. For most of us, we grew up knowing what was coming next. We went to elementary school then to middle, then  high school to college.

I didn't realize the importance of it then, but it’s societies way of teaching us to think and plan about what we want to happen in our futures. As we got older though, society no longer has these goals set for us. All of a sudden it’s up to us to figure out what we want to do and where we want to go. Thats why goals are so important. They’re reminders of how far we’ve come and where we want to go. Setting goals helps us to create and live a life that WE WANT to live, not just because to we have to.


Acknowledging your goals and mapping out what you want from life, is just a start. It’s so simple, but I feel like many people forget to set goals for themselves. Once you have your goal (s), it’s much easier to map out your intended strategy ( which is another huge MUST ) to get you to those goals.

It typically doesn’t help me to focus on all my goals at once (something 2018 taught me lol) so I try to pick and choose a couple to focus on and adopt every couple months, that way by the end of the year, I’ll have gone through and (hopefully) accomplished them all. 

I realize change doesn’t happen over night and it definitely takes practice and a lot of conscious thought, but I’m slowly working on a healthier routine by adopting healthier habits and making some small changes here and there. Keep reading to see what changes and goals I focused on this month!

This is one of the hardest changes for me to make. I've been so content on not going to the gym on a regular schedule  that finding the motivation to workout 3-4x a week has been a challenge.

Luckily, my building got an AMAZING indoor pool/sauna/hot tub area last year so that's been pretty motivating. I've been mixing between cardio intervals and weight training at the gym, Yoga with Adriene (if you haven't checked it out do so now!! I'm currently doing the 30-day yoga camp) and (attempting) swimming laps in the pool (My mom swam all through her childhood and college, so you'd think id be better, but I'm not LOL).

The benefits of staying hydrated are amazing, yet I don't think I've ever been good at drinking enough water so this was something I definitely wanted to stay on top of in 2018. Thanks to my friends at Aqua Carpatica I've been attempting to drink 6-8 glasses ( at least 3 bottles of water) a day. I know it somewhat defeats the purpose but I sometimes add those Lemonade packets to my bottles to add some flavor. So yummy!


      Saving Money was also on the top of my list for resolutions in 2018. Looking back on last year, I spent a TON of money on eating out that I could have been saving or putting towards other things.

Im trying to prep on Sunday nights where I sit down and plan out all the meals I want to eat that week (usually from Pinterest) and I figure out what I need for everything and place a delivery order with FoodKick. It's super convenient using a delivery service like this in the city, plus doing all my shopping at once is easier so I don't have to worry about grocery shopping throughout the week.


Growing and bettering myself is something I want to do more of in 2019.  I know I have a lot of internal issues like self confidence and things to work on that affect me daily, which is why I started therapy through the Talkspace app late last year. I also started meditating and journaling using a few other app's I've been loving lately (Headspace + 5 Minute Journal) and i’d like to get more consistent wth them. I'm noticing a difference in my stress levels and the way I'm handling situations.  You can read more about them in my post about the Three App's You Need to Download. 


Decluttering, downsizing and organizing was also another goal of mine, and its one of the first things i like to do as soon as I get back to NY. I went through both of my closets first and pulled out the stuff I haven't worn recently or don't plan on wearing again. You’d be surprised how much stuff we keep that we don't actually wear.

After I was done my clothes and shoes, I went through, room by room starting at the front door, and decluttered, organized and threw away trash and junk throughout the apartment. I live in a studio, but am literally swallowed by stuff so this felt extremely good to go through and get rid of stuff. Plus once i got organized, I felt like I was living in a brand new space because it felt so clean and organized.