It's crazy to think that some of you are probably already back at school when you're reading this, and its even crazier to think that this is the first year EVER that I'm not actually going to real classes, at a brick and mortar school. Online school (@SNHU) has let me grow into the person I want to be. I'm able to get a degree in something that ACTUALLY interests me (not that business wasn't exciting) and I was able to move to NYC,  the heart of the fashion industry, and intern for two amazing companies. A lot has happened this last year and none of it would have been possible (at least for me) if I was still at Salisbury. I'm so thankful for my time, memories and most importantly friendships from the Dirty Bury, but that just wasn't where my journey was meant to end, and I see that now. What's even more wild is that I'm about to be entering my last term (8 weeks) of school and If all goes well I'll be graduating in October. 

I can't even believe that August has come and pretty much gone. I refuse to believe Summer is ending so I'm going to be holding on to whatever's left of it and spending it at the beach until I head back to the city for NYFW. 

If you follow along on my insta story or snapchat then you may have already seen a peek of this top when I got my packages from the Nordstrom sale. But, this is one of the items i've been lusting over for the fall. I'm obsessed with the bell sleeve detailing and the fit is super flattering, not to mention comfortable. I paired it with dark wash denim but you can literally wear it with anything; white denim, light wash jeans, tuck it in with a skirt, the options are endless. It's a little more expensive than I normally go for, but I've been really seeing the crappy quality I've been getting lately for laziness. Soooo my mission lately has been to get more investment pieces that will last me longer, even if it means splurging a little, and I'm so happy I did!

If you don't keep up with my Insta stories or snapchat be sure to tune in next week because I'll be running an entire week of giveaways (including a 50$ gift card) to help make going back to school a little easier. I Hope all of you have an amazing first week of classes! What are some your "first week essentials" or things that help you get through the first week of classes? Mine are netflix, snack foods, the gym and friends!


Photos By the Amazing Lauren Herwig (@LaurenHerwig)

**The Shoes are from the Anthropolgie x Dr.Scholl's Capsule Collection and are sold out!**