Hey Loves!

I've been super MIA lately because I've been busy working on a few exciting things, including the rebranding and relaunch of this blog! I started TheChicBee years ago when I was looking for a creative outlet to express myself and share my personal style and outfits. At the time, I didn't really know much about blogging (or how to start one) and blogs really weren't a thing so I was on my own. Wordpress was, and still is, ones my favorite platforms for starting out and creating a blog because its user friendly and gives you fair amount of customization (keep reading for more tips on starting out). However, I've come a long way since then and definitely thought it was time for an upgrade to a more professional appearance. Shoutout to my super talented website designer (and photographer) Brandy Durst for getting this beauty up and running and literally teaching me everything I needed to know, You Rock!

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 7.48.31 PM.png

So whats in store for TheChicBee?

With this new look is going to come lots of exciting content! I've been focusing more on partnerships and collaborations with other brands that I'm passionate about, so I'm excited to introduce you guys to them. My biggest goal is to post more consistently, including give you guys more ways to shop outfits and individual pieces (hint: via Instagram + Snapchat, so be sure you're following on both!).  As always, you all continue to be the reason I do this, so let me know what you guys like or dislike. I love hearing feedback and I do my best to get back to you guys and answer you as quick as possible!

One of the most common questions I've been asked recently is "How do I start a blog?" or "Do you have any tips or tricks for starting a blog?", so I thought I would take a minute to address those now.

 "How Do I Start a blog?" 

There is no perfect recipe to start a blog because it such a personalized space. You should first figure out what type of content you want to produce (ex: lifestyle, fashion, beauty, personal experience/life tips, humor, etc). Based on that you should pick. platform that works best for you and what you picture your blog looking like. This is where research comes in. There's several different options for starting a blog and depending how technical you want to get, theres a few different ways you could go. Originally, I had Wordpress  which was easy and had the perfect template for the look I was going for on my blog. 

"Do you have any tips or tricks for starting a blog?"

The best tip I have for anyone looking to start out blogging is to be yourself. Blogging is becoming so popular, so its even more important to be as unique and true to yourself as you can be. The blogging world is becoming so over-saturated with the same content, so if you're going to produce content make sure its unique and most importantly ORIGINAL. Another tip I have is, don't get bogged down by numbers and social following. Sure they're important when it comes to being a full-time blogger and working with brands, but its important not to get discouraged. I always tell myself "If people wanna follow along and be apart of my journey, that's awesome. If not, thats okay too!"  Lastly, I think one of the most important things for new bloggers to remember (especially with so many bloggers out there), is COLLABORATION > COMPETITION. Choose to partner up and collaborate with other bloggers to help build each other up and expose each other to new followings, rather than being a bully and trying to compete with them. This is one of the biggest and most valuable lessons I've learned. People are generally nice and willing to help you and see you succeed. Everyone brings something different and unique so pairing up with another blogger or creative gives you the chance to create content that you couldn't create on your own. Am I saying everyone in this industry is extremely nice and not going to back stab or try to compete with you? Gosh NO, but it sure pays to be nicer to people. No matter how much you want to, you can't do everything on your own so networking, building relationships and just genuinely being nice to people you meet along the way (bloggers, brands, photographers, etc.) REALLY pays off!

XX Bethany