I recently finished up my Invisalign treatment, after almost a year, and was so excited to have straight teeth (finally) but my smile wasn’t quite perfect yet!  Having Invisalign on for so long definitely took a toll on the color of my teeth and they definitely weren't as white as i’d like them to be. 

    I came across the  Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening system and couldn't wait to get started as soon as I finished up my Invisalign treatment. It's pretty much the same professional whitening treatment you’d get at the Dentist, but you can do it from the comforts of your home, for a fraction of the cost. The entire process was extremely easy and actually very fun so keep reading to find out how to be the one lucky reader who gets to try out this at home system (worth 200$!).


    Your kit comes with molds and teeth trays that you use to make the impressions of your teeth. It also comes with your  whitening gel tubes and  desensitizing gel tubes, but you wont use them until after you get your molds back. 


    The first step is to create your custom impressions with the mold paste and trays they send you. The box includes directions but it was super easy and mixing it was kind of like playing with play dough LOL. Once your impressions are dry, you send them back to the lab in the prepaid packaging. The lab will check over your molds and make your custom impressions to fit your teeth perfectly, and in a week or so you'll have your custom teeth trays for whitening! Having Invisalign, I was kinda picturing the trays to be similar to that, which they are. However, they’re made of a very thin, but durable materials, so they're much more. comfortable to wearing don't feel has bulky and mouthguard like.


    I was pretty hesitant that it wouldn't work and I was pretty worried about  teeth and gum sensitivity, but it really wasn’t bad! The only time I noticed anything was when the whitening gel was actually on them, but it wasn't painful or super sensitive like how I had imagined it. I applied a small amount of gel to the trays each time so that I wasn’t overwhelming my teeth. The kit also comes with de-sensitizing gel which you use for 15-20 mins every time after you whiten (super sensitive people can use it before to) and that definitely helps stop any irritation or discomfort. Eating/drinking was another worry of mine, but I did the kit at night before I went to bed and never had any problems or restrictions for the next morning. 


    One of the best parts about this system was how convenient it was for me to do. I have an extremely busy schedule and finding time to go to the dentist for whitening procedures is just not possible for me. This professional, at home system works great because I can pop it in and whiten my teeth at home while I’m working and editing or just hanging out and watching TV. It’s also very convenient to take traveling, with a tray case and individually wrapped syringes that lasts 3-4 times.


    I tried to whiten my teeth every other day for at least 2 hours because I really wanted to see the best results possible and continued the process for about 3 weeks (with my schedule I ended up skipping an extra day here and there). It’s definitely a commitment, like any beauty routine, but its totally worth it! I am extremely happy with my results, but am definitely going to try it again in 6 months with more consistency to see if I can get even better results, they recommend whitening every 6 months-1yr anyway. 

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smile brilliant before after